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Why the Pentagon Needs Regenersis

Blancco in the press.

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Why the Pentagon Needs Regenersis

In a world of smart devices, Regenersis’s aftermarket services are there to help people get the most out of their technology from the point of purchase onwards. We are trusted by many of the largest technology and communications companies in the world to provide their customers with a reliable and secure ongoing experience, and quick effective issue resolution when things go wrong. 

  • Our advanced software, preloaded on devices or installed “over the air” by customer services, can diagnose and resolve problems in real time. 
  • Our network of repair and reverse logistics, across 15 countries, provides rapid repair of hardware faults and inadvertent damage. 
  • Our device care and insurance services help our clients offer their customers enhanced support and financial peace of mind. 
  • Our data erasure management services give our clients confidence in their ability to protect private data even when it is dispersed across many data centers and mobile devices. 
  • Our recommerce and refurbishment services help our clients and their customers maximise the value of used or pre-owned devices. 

Regenersis is the global leader in data erasure management (under the Blancco brand), an innovator in automated testing and diagnostics, and operates one of the largest global networks of repair and reverse logistics infrastructure. However the maximum value for clients and opportunity for Regenersis is created when combining aftermarket services in innovative ways, tailored to individual client needs, resulting in outstanding customer loyalty and reinforcing trust in their brand.

Through the provision of technical call centres or managing returns and repairs, the company supports a wide range of products including mobile phones, laptops and tablets, set top boxes, televisions and other electronic equipment.  Regenersis also operates in the business-to-business environment where it offers high quality and secure repair and refurbishment solutions for chip and pin devices, ATMs and even MRI scanners. 


Building upon its success in repair, the company is already proving its pioneering range of services known as Advanced Solutions, which include in-field testing, where Regenersis is partnering with cable operators across the world to diagnose set-top box faults in the home, reducing unnecessary returns. The newly formed Renew business unit comprises Digitalcare, which provides extended warranty and insurance services to end customers; Refurbishment, which provides legitimate, quality refurbished components and devices to the end customer; and Recommerce, which offers client led buy back, repair and onward resale of devices.   


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We have 21 facilities in 12 countries offering a wide range of solutions. 

We provide a comprehensive range of innovative and integrated customer support solutions for our clients’ products, helping them protect the one asset that matters most: the integrity and reputation of their brands.  


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